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My Accomplishments

Here are some of my accomplishments over the years.


  • During July 1st-3rd me baseball team Smitty's Terminators went to Sioux Falls and played 5 teams from the states and only landed up winning one game, but still had a lot of fun. In August I went to the University of Manitoba for a Hockey/Golf Camp that was alos a lot of fun adn I learned many things about hockey. In September I tried out for the Smitty's Terminators baseball team again and made the team. I am now the backcatcher and will be playing shortstop when I am not catching. Also in September I tried out for the Angels AA ringette team and I also made that team too. On November 11th-14th we will be going to Saskatoon for a tournament. I have aslo started school at Sisler this year and tried out for the volleyball team and made that team also. We will be having a tournament at Garden City High School and Sisiler will aslo be hosting a tournament.
  • After we came back from Westerns, my team got to go to a banquet for ringette on May 6th. At the banquet my team and I got a certificate and a medal awarded to us from the Province of Manitoba. We got it for placing in the westerns. On the certificate it said: Order of Sport Tasia Zuk is herby granted an Achievement Award in Recognition of Attainment as Western Canadian Ringette Championship- Bronze Medalist. On the medal it said- Province of Manitoba Sport Manitoba Order of Sport Excellance. I have also started to play baseball games. We have been in 3 tournaments so far. Our first one was called the Early Bird Tournament, from May 7th-8th. We came in second place. Our next one was in Brandon. It was from May 21st-22nd. My team went to the final game against a team called the Phillies. After 7 innings neither team had scored a run. That meant that we had to go into an extra inning. In that inning our team and the other team both scored one run. So we had to go into another extra inning. In that inning they scored one run and we didn't score any but that was okay because that meant that we came in second. The most recent tournament that we were in was this past weekend on June 18th-19th. There were teams from the United States and Saskatchewan participating. There we came in second in our pool and played the Blue Thunder 91 team to go to the semi finals but we lost by one run. The score was 1-0. We came in 6th out of the 12 teams. Also on June 4th-5th I was in a Golf Tournament. It was called the Manitoba Optimist Junior Open Golf Championship Golf Tournament. On June 4th I played at St. Boniface and shot 119. The next day I was supposed to play at Larters in St. Andrews but it had rained so much the night before that the course was too wet and so it turned out to be only an 18 hole event. The day before I had beaten the other girls that were in my age group so that meant that I came in first. For coming in first I will be getting a $150.00 gift certificate to go buy stuff at the St. Boniface Golf Course and Larters. Also on July 1st-3rd I will be going to Sioux Falls, North Dakota to play in a Canadian/American baseball tournament.
  • Now that ringette season is over I have started practicing outdoors with my Smitty's A Fastball team. By the looks of things I will be one of the catchers and playing shortstop. I have also changed to batting Left hand and am becoming more comfortable with it all the time. I believe now I can hit just as well from either side of the plate. The spring track practices have begun at St. John's High School and I am running and working on the high jump every Monday Wednesday and Friday in the morning before school starts. Also one of my ringette coaches has gotten the girls together to try some hockey. My first hockey practice was April 26th and I had a lot of fun and already I have become more comfortable with a hockey stick and during the scrimmage I didn't score but I did hit the post twice. This weekend I will be gong to a Manitoba Moose Hockey game, I will have an indoor batting practice in a batting cage, I will have the second hockey practice, I will have an out door fastball practice and I will go to church with my 83 year old grandmother.
  • At the beginning of April my Tween AA Team Manitoba and I travelled to Regina and represented Manitoba in the Westerns. The whole team gave everything they had and in the end we ended up winning the Bronze Medal. Not only was it a thrilling experience but it was the first time in history that a Tween AA Magic team won the Provincials and went on to win any medal in the Westerns. The closing ceremony and awards banquet was attended by all the teams from all the Provinces and our team won the best goalie and the fastest skater. There was a hypnotist at the banquet and it was a wonderful end to a great season.
  • January and February were big months for me in the sports area. Aside from being busy with the St. John’s High School Basketball team I won a forth place ribbon in the 400 meter event at the Track attack meet. Next at the Carggill Indoor track games I received the silver medal in the 4x100 meter relay. I also participated in the 25th Annual Festival du Voyageur Ringette Tournament with my Ringette team The MAGIC. We played teams from as far away as Regina and Edmonton and we won the Gold medal. The biggest achievement however was that my Ringette team The MAGIC played in the Manitoba Provincial Championships held in Starbuck last week of February and our team won the Gold and will now be known as TEAM MANITOBA. We will be traveling to Regina at the end of March to represent Manitoba in the Westerns, where we will be playing against the best teams from British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta for the Western Championship.



  • I began the 2004-2005 curling season as a skip for my new team. The lead, second and third are 2 years older than me and we entered our first Bonspiel of the year. We won a number of games and went to the "C" final but unfortunately lost. The category my team was playing in was the 20-year-old and under age group and the competion was stiff. Starting October 2/2004 my team will be playing competitively out of the Wildwood Curling Club.

  • Although it overlapped somewhat with my Fastball tryouts, I also tried out for the Magic Tween "AA" Ringette team - the highest level in the 12 year old age group. Again the competition was strong with 33 very talented girls trying out for 13 positions. I went for 4 tryout sessions and on Sept. 19/04 was chosen to be a team member. The team was chosen that afternoon and our first exhibition game was played the same night against the Eastman Flames Tween "AA" team where the team gelled well and we won 10 to three.
  • During the week of Sept. 5 to 11 I tried out for the Smitty's Terminator's 91 "A" Pee Wee Fastpitch team - the highest level in the 12 year old age group. The competition was heavy with 26 girls trying out for just 12 positions. I succeeded in becoming one of the 12 new Smitty's Terminator's 91 "A" Pee Wee Fastball team members.
  • At the age of 12, I won the 2004 Manitoba Optimist Junior Open Golf Championship in the 12-13 age group.
  • There were not enough students in my age group at Ralph Brown School to form any sports teams so I tried out for various sports teams at St. John’s High School. I made the Volleyball team, the Track team and the Basketball team where I was honored as the Most Valuable Player at the annual awards banquet.
  • I attended a number of City-wide track meets where I won 2 first place ribbons, 4 second, 4 third and a number of fourth and fifth place ribbons. These ribbons were for the 60-meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, high jump and various relays.
  • In the final track meet of the year I beat my previous personal best in the 400 meter by 5 seconds and came in second in the city.
  • Also, at this same meet, my 4X100 meter mixed relay team set a new 33-year high school record for the event.
  • Throughout the winter I curled as a skip for both the West Kildonan and East Kildonan curling clubs and entered and won a number of Bonspiels.
  • On February 5 and 6/2004 I represented Ralph Brown School on the St. John’s High School Track team and together with the entire track team entered into one of the premiere track meets in Manitoba - the Cargill Indoor Games held at the University of Manitoba Max Bell Center. Teams from elementary to University level including Special Olympic, Pan Am and Olympic caliber athletes were in competition.Overall the St. John’s track team did very well, winning a number of medals.
  • I entered four events coming in 6th in the Bantam Women’s 60 meter event with a time of 9.58 seconds, 7th in the Bantam women’s 200 meter event with a time of 31.95 seconds, 4th in the high jump with a 1.15 meter leap and won a silver medal in the 4X100 meter relay teamed up with Annie Aguire (former Ralph Brown Student) Allison Manitopyes and Vanessa Matte.
  • The following weekend I, again as a member of the St. John’s High School track team, entered into another Track meet at the University of Manitoba Max Bell Center. This meet titled Track Attack had grade 7 to 12 competitors from the majority of schools in Winnipeg competing in various events. At this meet I won a third place ribbon in the 200 meter run, a third place ribbon in the high jump and a first place ribbon in the 4X200 meter relay.
  • Also, that same weekend my Tween "AA" Ringette team (The Eastman Flames) competed in the 24th annual Voyageur Ringette Tournament. This is a premiere Ringette tournament and there were teams entered from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. I play as a forward and together with my team we made it to the final and played for the Bronze medal however lost a heartbreaker 8 to 6 but were named one of the four top teams in Western Canada.
  • I have a green belt in judo and have won a number of tournaments in various towns in Manitoba.
  • I am a level three piano student.
  • I achieved a grade average of 90% in Grade 7.


  • While in Grade 6 at Ralph Brown school, which is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school, I won the school's female athlete of the year award as well as a number of other awards.


  • I have played ringette for the past 6 years. During the 2003-4 season I played for the Eastman Flames “AA” as a forward. My team was ranked fourth in Western Canada.


  • Out of  approximately 3000 entries in a contest to name a New Winnipeg Police Service Mascot, I won for naming the new mascot “CUFFS”.