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More Sports Photos

On this page I've added more photos of the sports I participate in .


2005 Manitoba Ringette Tween AA Provincial Champions
The Manitoba Tween AA Team photo as a requirement for the
Western Canadian Ringette Championships
Front Row: (from L to R) Leslie Sarapu (1), Chantal Vincent (30)
Middle Row: (from L to R) Lauren Morse (13), Kathleen Marchinko (12),Samantha Stevenson (5), Laura Dalman (15), Karina Walker (8), Stephanie Prefontaine (14), Ashley Mitchell (11), Kaitlin Bourassa (7)
Back Row: (from L to R) Dave Prefontaine (Asst Coach), Tracy Peacock (Coach), Ashlee Peacock (9), Karissa Carriere (17), Katelen Toews (16), Jena Gallant (4), Krista Kenyon (6), Tasia Zuk (10), Pat Bourassa (Goalie Coach), Rob Walker (Asst Coach)

The Manitoba Tween AA Team roster is as noted:
1 - Leslie Sarapu (G)
4 - Jena Gallant
5 - Samantha Stevenson
6 - Krista Kenyon
7 - Kaitlin Bourassa
8 - Karina Walker
9 - Ashlee Peacock
10 - Tasia Zuk
11 - Ashley Mitchell
12 - Kathleen Marchinko
13 - Lauren Morse
14 - Stephanie Prefontaine
15 - Laura Dalman
16 - Katelen Toews
17 - Karissa Carriere
30 - Chantal Vincent (G)
Coach - Tracy Peacock
Asst Coach - Dave Prefontaine
Asst Coach - Rob Walker
Goalie Coach - Pat Bourassa
Manager - Allison Morse
Manager - Kathy Sarapu

We're off to become the Western Canadian Ringette Tween AA Champions at the end of March 2005.

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Other Relatives

Here I might talk about other people in my family, or include a picture of all of us together at some special event.



Here I might describe my Dad, including such information as where and when he was born and where he went to school. I'll also write about where he works and some of his interests.

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My Children

Here I might write about my children. I will write when they were born and what grade they are currently in. I will also mention some the teams and organizations they are involved with.